Monday, July 9, 2007

So I wanna say a couple things about drivers. If your driving down the road and traffic is moving nicely, if you see a car is broken down in your lane MOVE OUT OF THAT LANE YOU MORON!

Why the hell do you drive right up behind the broken down car and then sit there with your signal light on hoping someone will let you in? If you drive up behind the guy and stop, no one is going to let you in because they know you are too stupid to take the opportunity they present to you. Meanwhile all the people behind you that could not see the broken down car are stuck there because your stupid!

While your moving along nicely, all you have to do is make a lane change and then everything just keeps moving smoothly.

Don't get me started about merge lanes...

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I highly doubt anyone will view this blog unless I specifically send them the URL. In case you do stumble across it then I welcome you.

This blog does not have a specific topic, but rather is a collection of my thoughts and opinions as I go through life. For some reason I usually have something to say, but I don't always have a forum to say it in. This blog allows me to vent my frustrations, make general comments about life, and have a central repository for my thoughts.

For those who know me, I am quiet, confident and friendly as long as your on my good side. The nice thing about that is it takes a lot to get on my bad side and I rarely hold grudges for long. Life is to short, in my opinion, to stress about stupid things. Live life to your full potential, surround yourself with beautiful people, laugh, love, play.... and SCUBA dive ;)