Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well, ain't that fancy.

So, driving home from work I was thinking about all the web-based technologies available to us today, and how reliant we have become on them. One thing that really stood out in my mind was Blogging.

So many people have taken to blogging to express their opinions, tell stories, and generally babble to anyone who would listen. From my perspective, it is a great repository for my thoughts so that I can look back one day when I am much older and remember the things that happened in my life.

I will en devour to update this as frequently as I can, although the new application I downloaded for $9.95 for my iPhone called "BlogPress" appears to SUCK BADLY! I may be using it wrong, and I will reserve further judgment until I have at least attempted to work out the kinks.

Cheers world!

-- Post From My iPhone


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