Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Microsoft Online Services

I was at a Microsoft seminar today titled “EnergizeIT” at Hotel Arts.  What a nice Hotel that is, I need to do a photo shoot there one day. 

Anyways, the seminar was actually pretty good.  I like the concept of Microsoft Online Services, which launched today apparently.  This allows small businesses to have access to Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite for $20/user per month.  That gives you Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office Live Meeting and coming soon, Office Communications Online.

I guess this is Microsoft’s answer to Google Apps that has already been in the market for some time.  I use both GMail and MS Exchange/Outlook for email and I like them both, but I use Exchange for business and I like how my iPhone integrates with it so nicely.

Another technology that will be coming down the pipe from Microsoft is Microsoft Azure.  This is a pretty mind-blowing concept for a software developer like  me.  It is Cloud Computing in the most elegant sense of the words and will really change how businesses host web applications and manage scalability.  Worth some research if you have the time.


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