Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Unbelievable Dining at a Fair Price

Today I had the pleasure of dining at a relatively obscure restaurant in Calgary called “Avocado Restaurant and Lounge” with President & Co-Founder Troy Miller.avocado

This family owned restaurant markets itself as Urban – Mexican and is a very unique concept in Calgary.  Troy told me his story about how he started out at age 24 with a Wendy’s fast food restaurant.  By the time he got tired of the fast food thing he and his brother owned four Wendy’s restaurants.  They wanted to get out of fast food, but they were not interested in moving into the upscale Earls and Joey Tomatoes market.  The way Troy describes his concept is a nice sit-down restaurant with fast food service.  A great place for lunch, you can be in and out in 30 minutes. 

He and his brother came up with all the recipes themselves after traveling around Mexico tasting different Mexican style food.  They were unable to find anything that quite fit in with what they wanted to serve at their new restaurant so they came up with their own unique dishes and incredible flavors.  There is nothing at Avocado that is bland, everything on the menu is a mouth full of flavors that leaves you feeling satisfied.  The portions are generous and the number of items on the menu is just right to provide variety, yet not leave you with too many decisions.  I had the “Ranchero Fajita Burrito” with a tossed salad and the restaurants own avocado dressing.  All the food is made fresh and it was wonderful.  With the first bite my mouth was watering and looking forward to the next.

The decor I would describe as modern with a South American flair.  While I was there they were playing the movie “The Three Amigos” with Steve Martin being projected on the white wall above the bar.

The current location that has been open for four years is just across from IKEA on Heritage Meadows Way S.E.  Troy is very busy right now with the planning and construction for three other locations including the soon to open 17th avenue location.

If your in the mood for something a little different to spice up your life then I highly recommend you dine at Avocado.



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